There are certain things that motivate employees, one of which is TRUST.

Many times, employers say that they trust their team. Unfortunately, this does not match their actions. Does your company have a decision-making process? Who is responsible for driving it? What decisions are employees involved in? Are their opinions sought? Ensuring that employees are carried along in decision making processes create a satisfying work environment.

If your business decides to adopt team-based decision making, the following are the advantages:

  • Increase in innovation

There will be an increase in innovation when employees are involved in team-based decision making. They’ll feel that their opinions are appreciated and respected. As humans, we find it easier to allow our creative juices flow and come up with brilliant ideas when we know they’ll be welcomed. This doesn’t mean that ideas must be implemented, but knowing that they have been heard (through feedback) is an indication that their input is appreciated.

  • Increase in productivity

Employers that take their time to include employees in the decision-making process will boost their employee’s self-esteem, motivation to work and value system, thereby increasing work attitude and productivity.

  • Increase in turnover

When an employee feels like a valued staff and is motivated, such an employee will put in more effort to work which will potentially increase company sales and in effect turnover. 

  • It creates a work-friendly environment

It is only logical that when employees feel valued, appreciated and motivated, the work environment becomes friendlier. Since the communication lines between employers and employees have been opened and employees have access to their employers, it creates a balanced friendly work environment where employees are happy to contribute to the growth of the company. 

It is, therefore, necessary that employees feel they are being carried along and know the reason for decisions that affect them. This is one way to build trust with the people who are responsible for actualising their vision.