As a continuation of the last article, creating an enabling environment for employees is key to improving their levels of productivity and making them serve happiness to customers.

Employee delivery of a wholesome customer experience can be negatively impacted by the following factors, which can be detrimental to your business if not addressed as quickly as possible. These include:

1. Emotional baggage: Unhappy staff may carry emotional baggage from their personal lives that can affect their ability to serve happiness. Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, or frustration can be contagious and impact others’ moods.

2. Lack of motivation and enthusiasm: Unhappy employees may lack the energy and enthusiasm needed to make others happy. Their negative mindset and low mood may prevent them from demonstrating the cheerfulness and positivity that happiness often requires.

3. Inability to empathize: To serve happiness to others, it is essential to understand and empathize with their needs and desires. Unhappy staff may struggle to connect with those around them, making it difficult to deliver a genuinely joyful experience.

4. Lack of self-care: People who are unhappy may struggle to take care of themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. Neglecting self-care can lead to burnout, exhaustion, and emotional distress, making it difficult to focus on others’ needs.

5. Inconsistency: Unhappy employees may find it challenging to deliver happiness consistently over time. The negative mood or emotional state may become more prominent and affect their ability to provide a consistently positive and uplifting experience for others.

More Winning CX Strategies for the Team

1. Create a working atmosphere where staff feel comfortable to speak about what’s bothering them. Everyone needs a listening ear and having someone to talk to about it helps to relieve the burden no matter how little.

2. Have Team bonding sessions with your employees. Everyone needs some time off work. Periodic fun activities with your team creates a relaxed atmosphere and you might glean a few insights about your staff which helps you know them better.

3. Every human is vulnerable. Earn the trust of your staff during these vulnerable moments. Lend a helping hand and reassure them of your support.

4. Have a financial aid system tailored to help them. It could be a soft loan which can be deductible from their salaries. The harsh realities of present day Nigeria is taking its toll on the workforce.

In conclusion, one of the pillar of the success of a business’s customer experience design lies in the happiness of its employees. The satisfaction of a employee is closely tied to the satisfaction of the customer. Indeed, it is vital that businesses factor this into the overall experience design to achieve its goal – increased profitability.