Cyber-attacks: What, Why & How

Cyber-attacks: What, Why & How

In Q4 of 2021, there were an astonishing 1,353 cyber-attacks weekly in Africa, in comparison…

Customer Service: A Customer Retention Strategy

Customer Service: A Customer Retention Strategy

This is a little insight of how customer service has taken the front burner as…

Web 3.0: More power to the people!

Web 3.0: More power to the people!

Web 3.0. Metaverse. Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. NFTs. Cryptocurrency. Internet of Things… – you have…

Why African SMEs needs a Functional Website to Facilitate Intercontinental Trade?

Why You need a Functional Website

The vision of every business is to achieve its set goals, meet the demands of…

How to Structure African Startups to Serve Customers Globally

How to Structure African Startups to Go Global

Africa has recently made significant progress toward realizing its ambition of being a launching pad…

How to Curb Mass Migration of Tech Talents from Africa

The search for commensurate rewards is one that drives the human pursuit in different sectors,…

Tips and Tricks of Choosing a Business Name

Your Business name will be associated with you for a long time. So, it’s critical…

How Startups Can Use Analytics Tools To Deliver Efficient Service

How to Leverage Data for Business Growth

Many organizations are seeking ways to offer their products and services to customers in an…

Non-Monetary Compensation of Employees

Non-Monetary Compensation of Employees

Running a business requires both the entrepreneur’s effort as well as the support of other…

The 5 Basic Customers' Needs from Small Businesses

Five Basic Customer Needs

Customers come in contact with businesses because they have a need that those businesses can…

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