Dear Zainab,

I am a budding mobile developer. I have been involved in the development of quite a few applications for client companies. All I am involved in is the development and nothing more Recently, I developed an application of my own and whilst showcasing it to my mentor, he asked if I had a privacy policy for the app. Now, I know about privacy policy but for a mobile app, is it really needed?


Mobile Developer


Dear Mobile Developer,

Thank you for reaching out. I’ll d  like to help out as much as I can. Your mentor guided you right too.

As regards a mobile app, the question to ask is do you collect information on your mobile app? If your answer is yes, then you do need a privacy policy.
Also, It is a good practice to link your privacy policy from within the app and from the app store. This is because before your users download the app at all, they should understand your data collection practices so they can make up their minds on whether they want to use your app or not.
Lastly, you can place your privacy policy link on the promotional website for your mobile app. It won’t hurt. All you are doing is creating several touch points, which is good for your Mobile App.

For a fuller explanation, read this article on our website.

Keep succeeding Mobile Developer.