Do you have an innovative idea on nutrition? Are you an entrepreneur who’s business is a future food leading business targeted at ending hunger through innovation?? Then grab this opportunity by applying for mentorship, financial support and access to World Food Programme operations, partners and technical experts.

Deadline: 24 September 2018

Do you work for a start-up, company or Non Governmental Organization with an innovation that could end hunger?

World Food Program Staff Members
Are you an innovator at World Food Program? Let’s work together to build bold solutions to hunger.

Eligibility Requirements
If you are a start-up, company or NGO…

  • Your start-up, company or Non Governmental Organization must be incorporated at the time of application. It can be for-profit or not-for-profit.
  • Your innovation must at least be at the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage. Proof of concept is preferred.
  • Your proposal must show how working with World Food Program will serve your long-term strategy.

If you are World Food Program staff…

  • Your team must have evidence of Country Office support and management buy-in.

Selection Criteria
Applications submitted to the World Food Program Innovation Accelerator are assessed according to a standard set of criteria, and are reviewed by both World Food Program and external experts. Please note that we prioritize projects that are designed alongside our core users—vulnerable communities—and piloted at an early stage to ensure impact and maximize cost effectiveness. We are looking for innovations that meet the following expectations:

  • Impact for the people we serve and potential to reach Zero Hunger
  • Feasibility, including time to deliver impact, technology maturity, and user traction
  • Level of innovation
  • Financial sustainability with a clear business case that does not rely on World Food Program funding
  • Team strength, experience, and commitment

Application Process
If you are a start-up, company or NGO…

  • Check your eligibility in the section above.
  • Visit World Food Program application page hosted by F6S. If you have any technical questions related to the F6S platform, please contact
  • Create an account and ask your team members to register. All team members need to be registered so that you can apply as a team.
  • “Create a team” by selecting registered members or inviting others to join your team. If team members are unable to register, you can select “It’s just me” to access the application.
  • Answer the questionnaire. We want to learn about the problem, your proposed solution and its potential impact, your company and your team. When you are done with the questionnaire, click on “Connect”.

If you are World Food Program staff…

  • Check your eligibility in the section above.
  • Fill out the World Food Program-only application form hosted on our website.

Please note that acceptance letters will be sent within one month from the application closing date. Due to the large volume of applications, World Food Program is unable to provide feedback to applicants not selected.

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