Customer Satisfaction Starts with Employee Satisfaction.” – Charlie P. Crockett, Sales Director 3M. Yes, in order to achieve customer satisfaction, you need to have satisfied employees.

What is Employee Satisfaction?

Employee Satisfaction is how content your employees are with their jobs. It is a metric that can be used to determine the overall health of your organisation.

Research has found a strong relationship between staff satisfaction and productivity. It is an important factor for motivation, goal achievement, cost savings, productivity, morale, and, of course, customer satisfaction.

The more satisfied employees are, the more likely they are to put their best foot forward and go above and beyond to satisfy customers.

How do you ensure your employees are satisfied?

  • Create a healthy, positive work environment
  • Provide frequent constructive feedback
  • Recognize and reward their accomplishments
  • Ensure you create an environment that allows for work-life balance
  • Constantly involve and engage your employees
  • Invest in training and skills development programs for them

In addition to ensuring the above, it is also essential to gauge the satisfaction levels of your employees and understand what the reasons for dissatisfaction might be. You need to constantly listen to the voice of your employees, take this feedback, and implement changes in your company. To listen to the voice of your employees, you need to conduct Employee Satisfaction Research.

Employee Satisfaction Research

This research is distributed periodically to employees to gauge their satisfaction levels and understand the reasoning behind their ratings. Rather than using one specific metric or question, this research asks a variety of questions around the following themes;

  • Compensation & benefits
  • Recognition
  • The leadership of the company
  • Workload
  • Effectiveness of management
  • Flexibility in role
  • Teamwork
  • Resources provided by the company
  • Communication skills of the management

Once the survey has been completed, it is essential that the company and employees are committed to acting upon the feedback received. For staff satisfaction research to be effective, the work environment must be changed in line with employees’ responses.

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