Many entrepreneurs believe that creative business processes are more academic than practical. Hence, they hardly have well defined business processes for their products/services. 

A creative business process is a series of repeatable business activities that work together in order to create a product/service, deliver and capture value from customers which may or may not be visible.

A creative business process seeks to maximize these three things at a minimal cost: 
1) Create Value
2) Deliver Value
3) Capture Value

Steps Involved in Building a Creative Business Process

1) Write out the inputs used in creating value (your product/service).
2) State the steps and sequences involved in creating value.
3) State who is responsible for each step/or sequence
4) State possible channels of delivery.
5) State means of payment collections.
6) Go through step 1-5 to remove steps you can do without.

There are two major forms of Business Processes:
1) A manual process which is simply a journal and it can either be a notebook or computer where you document your processes.
2) A flowchart: This is a type of diagram that represents a workflow or process. It helps you visualize your business processes. These are some of the Apps you can use to document your Business Processes: LuciChart, Google slides, Flowdia, Creately, DrawExpress etc 

Advantages of Creative Business Processes

1) It ensures consistency in quality and higher productivity.
2) It helps you streamline individual activities.
3) It ensures improved customer satisfaction.
4) It reduces cycle time, cost of labour and materials and it increases the process speed.
5) It gives you the ability to make changes with minimal wasted time and effort because of business transparency. 

In conclusion, there is no outcome without a process. Your outcomes can be predicted to very high extent when your processes are documented. Business processes are the backbone of any business. Behind every profitable business is a clearly defined process to create, deliver and capture value. Every business process is a work in progress and effort must be put in place to continue to update your processes. Also please note that cost is not a factor when it comes to creative business processes, discipline is.