Dear Zainab,

So, I started my business 5 years ago and I was the alpha and omega of it. I was the CEO, Secretary, and all in all. But Ehn…business has grown ooo and jungle has matured. I now have about 10 people working for me as accountants, salesperson, and the likes. I recently had the need to find someone to handle all my fans and customers both online and attend to their queries on a temporal basis. A friend introduced me to one small yellow boy like this, after our discussion, he said he will be expecting an offer letter from me. Offer letter? What is that? What do I need it for? I have told him all I want and need already, must there be a document to back this up, since it’s on a temporal basis?  Help me ooo

Bad sharp guy.

Dear Sharp Guy (let’s leave the other adjective out of this)

I’m happy to hear your business is growing. The small yellow boy is very correct to demand for an offer letter. The fact that his work with/for you is on a temporal basis doesn’t excuse the need for it. I begin to wonder, if the rest of your staff have the same, not to even talk of employment contracts.

Offer letters are basically that. An offer.

Organizations typically issue them first before following up with a contract.

What you want to achieve with this is to clearly write out the basic terms of employment. It also spells out the basic requirements and expectations in the event that the said employee accepts your offer.

The typical offer letter includes basic information such as:

  • Your Company name
  • Job title you are offering
  • Starting date
  • Salary and pay schedule
  • Specific benefits, particularly if you’ve negotiated benefits that deviate from the company’s typical offering

That’s all it entails. Do well to visit Our website to read more.


Keep succeeding Sharp guy..