People buy from people, they don’t buy from Companies. They buy what others say they should buy and who better to get others to buy your products and services than your existing customers.

We just re-opened one of our online coaching programs and even before the public got access to it, our existing clients are already marketing it for us. We have received 2 new signups this week due to the efforts of our existing customers.

This is a trend we have enjoyed in almost 3 years, as our greatest source of business is from existing clients.

How do you turn your clients into sales ambassadors?

  • Help them achieve results: although statistics say that a dissatisfied customer is more likely to communicate than a satisfied customer, but satisfied customers are also happy to share their positive experience with your product or service.
  • Offer them an incentive: sometimes you don’t need to wait for your clients to become your sales ambassadors and tell others about you, you can offer them an incentive to do that.
  • Ask them for testimonials or shout outs: after every workshop or session we do, we reach out to our clients to find out about their experience. We want to know if we added value, what they liked and what they did not like.

If your products delivers a satisfactory result for your customers, especially if it solves a problem that has been a pain point, they are most likely going to tell others with similar problems about your product or service. I see practical examples of this happening every day from businesses like drycleaning services, to fashion designers and even finger food makers.

A person uses their services within an office, and tell their colleagues about their services, before long, everyone else within that office starts using that business.

When you get results for your customers, they will reward you by becoming your sales ambassadors.

We always offer our existing client some form of incentive like a discount or a freebie for telling other people about us. This has led them to becoming very enthusiastic sales ambassadors because not only do they love what we do, they get rewarded for telling others about us.

If they had more positive things to say than negative, we request that they write a testimonial for us. Sometimes they are willing to go the extra mile and even share it on their own social media pages.

This immediately gives us credibility with their own audience, which can translate to more business for us.

I hope the points I have shared above have shown you how you can turn your clients to sales ambassadors.

Before you rush to implement these concepts, make sure your product or service is top quality and you can deliver it with excellence.

The goal of turning your clients into sales ambassadors is to generate more revenue, so I will like to gift you an additional resource that will help you generate 7 figure revenues in the next 30 days. This is a playbook I designed to help business owners stop struggling to generate revenues.

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