I decided a long time ago, that I will never walk in any man’s shadow, nor copy any man’s ideas.

Therefore, Lord teach me to create my own ideas and help me to succeed as I venture into the world of entrepreneurship, Amen.

Michael rounded up his prayers at 2AM and as he settled down for his meeting with his father, many thoughts crept through his mind, “Michael are you sure that you are normal”?

How can you turn down a job that will pay you over one hundred and fifty thousand naira per month for a teaching job?

Michael muttered, I know one thing for certain. My father will disown me or even throw me out of the house.

Oh God! Please help me, help my father to understand that I want to pursue my passion and help him to understand that I am making the best decision of my life, Amen.

At this point, the door to my father’s room opened and he slowly inched out, walking into the living room with so much elegance and confidence.

As Michael’s father approached the living room, Michael stood up to honor his father and the father beckoned him to sit down.

My son, he said. Is everything all right? He asked.

Yes Dad, Michael responded. Everything is fine, but I wanted us to talk.

What about? my father queried.

Dad, you know that I have always loved and respected you. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today if it wasn’t for you and mummy.

Yes, my son! My father responded. Your mother and I did all our best to help you become the man that you are today, but we can’t take all the credit, God in his infinite mercies, brought you into our lives and gave us the vision and the provision to nurture you into a promising young man who made us proud parents and a good role model to your other siblings.

Lest I forget, my Dad Continued. I know that you would make us proud in the work place, by being a successful shipping expert.

Dad, I muttered. That is what I wanted to talk to you about.

I appreciate you and mummy helping me get that shipping job, but I am sorry that I will have to turn down the job offer and follow my path.

I have decided to startup an IT school where I would teach people how to use computers to manage data and write programs and I want to seek your consent to use the stairway in the house as my classroom.

Enough, my father screamed! It would never happen in my house.

After all the years, that you spent in the university, after all the time and money that your mother and I spent on paying your school fees. So, this is how you want to repay us.

How do you want your mother and I to take care of 4 of your siblings?

Oh God! Why is this happening to me? My father screamed.

My first son becoming a teacher. Teachers are not well paid. By the way, you don’t even have a computer. You don’t even have any experience in running a business, so I think you should get an MBA first, and then you can venture into entrepreneurship.

Dad, please can you hear me out, Michael pleaded as he went on his knees.

Ok Son, I am listening, my dad bellowed. What’s your plan? My father asked.

Dad, I learnt how to use a computer before I got into the university, while I was in my second year, I got a job offer at a computer center close to the university. I was earning a living from that job typing projects for final year students and I saved up that money. It is my intention to use that saving to make a deposit for the purchase of a computer and an inverter system that will enable me to continue teaching when there is a power outage.

Concerning the lack of business experience, I have already applied to Fate Foundation School of Entrepreneurship and I was one of the aspiring entrepreneurs that was selected.

The program costs One Hundred and twenty thousand naira (120,000), but Aliko Dangote has endowed the program and paid One Hundred thousand naira (100,000) of the fees. We are expected to pay only twenty thousand naira (20,000) of the program fee.

Finally, I want you to know that I admire the entrepreneurial strides that you and mummy possess. I have grown up watching you and mummy train apprentices, who go on to start their own business.

Please give me a chance to follow my dream and let me do it myself without any financial support from you and mummy.

Dad, all I want from you and my mother is your blessings and prayers for me to be successful in whatever business that I put my hand to do.

My father got up from his chair, pulled me to his arms and wept profusely, my son, you leave me with no choice. I am so afraid for you.

You have all my blessings and I promise not to interfere.

I can’t wait to break this news to your mother and we will surely pray for you to be better than us, your parents.

(To be Continued.)