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Rivers State has been making significant strides in entrepreneurship recently and is gradually evolving from an oil-based State to a hub for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs. To help entrepreneurs in and around Rivers State access information to help them start and scale their businesses, the Start-up Ecosystem Guide for Rivers State is divided into key areas that entrepreneurs typically seek information on:

Where to Look First: MANSMEDAN are some of the greatest  sources of readily available information that entrepreneurs in  Rivers State typically visit or look first when starting a business or looking for information to scale their businesses.

Business Support & Mentoring: If you need business support but not sure of where to look in Rivers State, you can leverage the information in this resource to locate Business Development Service Providers available across Rivers State E.g  Focus Hub

Incubators & Accelerators: Locate the incubators and accelerators in Rivers State using this resource. Incubators & Accelerators in Rivers State include Focus HubKen Saro Wiwa Innovation HubOlotu Square

Co-working spaces: As a start-up or growing business, you do not need to rent an office, you could consider alternatives like co-working spaces e.g. Jumia This resource lists co-working spaces available in Rivers State.

Access to Capital: RIMAShell Livewire and Grofin Nigeria are key options to try when looking to access capital in Rivers State. Your business idea will only become an actual business when you have funding to implement your idea so leverage this resource to know where to access capital in Rivers State.

Enterprise Training: Business success is largely dependent on the business knowledge you have. Endip and Uniport are some organisations in Rivers State that offer entrepreneurship training programs. You will also find an array of enterprise training organisations in Rivers state in this resource.

Key Events, Meet-ups & Groups: What are the key entrepreneurial events and meet-ups happening in Rivers State? Netsquared meetup,Google drive group,Linux Developer Group are some of these events. Find out more events in this resource.

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