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State has in recent times gained visibility for its entrepreneurship activities
and efforts by the Ogun State through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. To
help entrepreneurs in and around Ogun State access information to help them
start and scale their businesses, the Start-up Ecosystem Guide for Ogun State
is divided into key areas that entrepreneurs typically seek information on:

to Look First:
 funaab one of the greatest  sources of readily available information that entrepreneurs in
Ogun State typically visit or look first when starting a business or looking
for information to scale their businesses.

Support & Mentoring: 
If you need business support but not
sure of where to look in Ogun State, you can leverage the information in this
resource to locate Business Development Service Providers available across Ogun
State E.g  funaab

& Accelerators:
 Locate the incubators and accelerators in Ogun State using
this resource this includes funaab

 As a start-up or growing business, you may not need to
rent an office, you could consider alternatives like co-working spaces
depending on your business.Win empowerment center,Ceds. This resource lists co-working spaces available in
Ogun State.

to Capital: 
private investors club, and BOI are key places to look out for. Your business idea will only become an actual business when you
have funding to implement your idea, You can find a list of sources to access
capital in Ogun State on this resource.

to Hangout
: Have you  ever wondered where entrepreneurs like yourself hang out? E.g wok cityOOPL
Find out entrepreneurial hangout spots in Ogun in this resource. 

 Business success is largely dependent on the business
knowledge you have. crawford , crescent, and bells all offer outstanding training programs. You can find an array of enterprise training organisations
in Ogun state in this resource.

Events, Meet-ups & Groups:
 What are the key entrepreneurial events and meet-ups
happening in Ogun State? these includes techaholic Find out more in this resource.

News Resources & Newsletters: 
onlinehub a great platform to  get information on online news
resources and newsletters for entrepreneurs in Ogun state in this resource. 

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