Regardless of the scale or type of your project, your aim would definitely be to get a master piece rather than frustration or failed projects. It is important to consider the life cycle of a project when trying to visualize a project management template. Basically, a project management template is a road map for planning and reporting progress of any project.

Steps to Prepare a Project Management Template

Scope Definition: Every project plan template is created with keeping in mind the project scope and deadlines. It provides all stakeholders with vital and relevant information. Remember that an effective plan is the detailed story of your project.

Research: Before creating a project plan, it is important to know all facts and information about the project.

Ask Questions: It is important to ask vital questions about the project such as;

  • What are the project deadlines?
  • How should the result look like?
  • How are you going to attract feedback?
  • Are there any dates when you will not be available?
  • Does your team have the experience with a project like this in the past?
  • Are there barriers that may prevent the project from being successful?
  • Break out milestones and deliverables
  • Assign team members responsible for each task
  • Add resources required to each task
  • Reflect duration of tasks
  • Add notes to tasks that might seem confusing or need explanation.
  • Visualize project dependencies, status, priority etc.

Complete a plan with all the detail: When you have all the information you need and have answered all relevant questions pertaining to the project, put together a template that will help address your project needs.