As much as we hate to experience downtimes, they are inevitable in business. This could be as a result of a natural disaster that is totally out of your control or a technical breakdown that completely halts your business operations. With the surge in the spread of CONVID-19 across the world including Nigeria, many small businesses in Nigeria are beginning to experience downtimes and are implementing work-from-home policies. Despite the scary and confusing times, you can manage your team efficiently using the following suggestions:

  • Leverage technology: Explore and leverage technology fully. There are a number of technology platforms and applications you can utilize to ensure that work runs as efficiently as possible while also keeping up with sales and customer engagement. Zoom, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams etc. are examples of platforms you can use to liaise with your team. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp are great platforms to drive sales and customer engagement.
  • Ensure you have a downtime policy and share with your Team: Do you have a downtime policy in your employee manual? If you don’t, this is a good time to quickly put one together and communicate to your team so that they are clear on processes and practices during this time. Ideally, they ought to be aware of this policy and how it works from the commencement of their employment, however, communicating at this time will serve as a reminder.
  • Help your team stay efficient by requesting deliverables so that they work with to-do lists: To help your team stay efficient, request for deliverables daily which will in turn ensure that they create daily to-do lists. Also, ensure communication is always clear and utilize check-in calls for clarifications.
  • Provide the tools required to work: If your team is going to work efficiently virtually, you need to provide the tools and equipment required to work e.g. laptops, smart phones, data etc.
  • Hold team brainstorming sessions to develop strategies to attract customers: Often times, opportunities lie buried in seemingly difficult situations. Schedule to have regular brainstorming sessions with your team to discuss and develop strategies to attract existing and new customers. You might be shocked to see how these sessions lead to the introduction of a new service (or product) that can significantly boost revenue.
  • Check in on your team health-wise: Check in with your team regularly to know that that they are safe and keeping well and minimizing exposure to CONVID-19.

Hoping you and your team stay safe and healthy!