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As an entrepreneur, you may have the investment teaser deck, and know the profile of investors you are looking for but you may still struggle to source the investor. Sourcing investors is one of the most critical parts of securing funding from an investor. 

In this article, I will share with your some tips on where to source the right investors that will provide you with the resources to grow a sustainable and scalable business:

  1. Join incubator and accelerator programs as this gives you and your venture visibility
  2. Join Angel networks and communities
  3. Be a part of support organizations’ communities
  4. Join associations that relate to your industry
  5. Reach out to Universities with strong business or entrepreneurial programs
  6. Reach out to your current network and see which connections they have 
  7. Use Linkedin to search for investors and view their profiles
  8. Network with other investors that might not be right for you, as they can connect you to others
  9. Research your competitors and identify who their investors are 
  10. Create a profile on online crowdfunding or investment profiles
  11. Attend events and conferences related to your sector of focus
  12. Host events
  13. Identify where the ecosystem congregates and be there
  14. Put yourself and your skills out there by being a mentor to other new entrepreneurs

With this, you can create an investor target list where you highlight their contact details, past investments, connections you have in common if applicable, where they are based, where you found them, why they are a good fit for you, and any other relevant information.

Remember that the role of your investor is to provide the expertise, network, and investment to help make your business sustainable and scalable.

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