So you have taken a group life insurance policy and you have a claim: here is how to File a Claim under Group Term Life Insurance

In the case of death of an employee, the following requirements are to be fulfilled:

  • The claim form of the insurer
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Original Death Certificate issued by Local Authority OR Attested copy of Death Certificate
  • Banker’s Certificate (Only for schemes where there is a cover for loans as well)
  • Current Address Proof of the claimant
  • Photo ID Proof of the claimant
  • Bank Pass Book / Bank Statement / Cancelled Cheque of the claimant
  • Submission of documents like the death certificate or the post-mortem report by the beneficiary of the insured.

Once all the assessment is made, a due date is provided for when the claim will be settled. In most cases, the beneficiary of the insured employee can check the status of the claim settlement through a helpline number provided by the insurer. The claim is settled duly through the payment of the amount fixed under the scheme for the respective employee.

This type of insurance is a proven and reliable way to cater for the dependents of an employers’ workforce Group insurance policy benefit is three times an employee’s annual emolument (Basic Salary, Transport and housing allowance)

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