In Q4 of 2021, there were an astonishing 1,353 cyber-attacks weekly in Africa, in comparison to an average of 925 cyber-attacks in the world. 

Cyber-attack is a form of digital assault using computers, networks, or devices with access to the internet; directed towards other computers, networks, or devices with access to the internet which threatens public safety, national security, and economic security. Cybercriminals usually compromise systems and steal financial, property, and/or intellectual property such as business or customer financial details, sensitive personal identifying information, customer/employee emails, databases, and so on. 

As internet penetration is increasing, and more and more people are interconnected through the digital world, there is an increase in cyber-attacks. Examples of typical cyber-attacks are email compromise, identity theft, ransomware, phishing, online predators, and espionage. These attacks damage computer hardware and network, give unauthorized access to data, and in some cases physically harm people. 

In order to protect your business or yourself, it is important to have a comprehensive security plan and infrastructure that offers protection. Out of 182 countries, Nigeria ranks 47th on the 2020 Global Cybersecurity Index with about 84.76% of measures taken to ensure protection. Mauritius, the highest-ranked in Africa and the 7th ranked in the world, has taken about 96.89% of measures to ensure protection. 

So what exactly can be done to protect yourself?

  1. Use strong passwords that are reviewed and changed at least quarterly 
  2. Update your software frequently and/or have automatic updates activated 
  3. Turn on and use multi-factor authentication
  4. Apply firewalls and IPS
  5. Have segmented networks
  6. Be cautious before you click on links or download attachments 
  7. Most importantly educate yourself, your family, colleagues about cybersecurity

Most cyberattacks come from email compromise, if the email sounds too good to be true, it probably is, therefore do not click nor download, just hit delete. 

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