“Products are created in the factory but brands are created in the mind” – Walter Landor

You have the product but not the brand, so how do you create the Brand? Over the next few articles we will provide you with tips on how to create your Brand. But first…

What is a Brand?
A Brand commands respect! Unlike a product which can be seen as a mere commodity, a Brand is an identity your product owns which distinguishes it from ‘mere commodities’ in the category. The process of creating this identity is called Branding.

This is a product, garri
Golden Penny Garri
This is a Brand, Golden Penny Garri

So why is it important to Brand your product or service?

1) Branding builds the respect your customers, suppliers, employees and even competitors have towards your product or service

2) Branding helps your product or service become recognizable

3) Branding increases trust towards your product or service

4) Branding increases the value of your product or service and makes you look more favourable to investors

5) Branding creates relationships with your customers that go beyond transactions

6)Branding feeds in directly and supports your advertising strategies

Your Brand can be phrase, symbol, design or even colour that identifies your specific product or service.

The most important things to keep in mind when Branding is to have a simple, easy to understand messaging that is consistent everywhere your product or service is featured. For example your packaging, print, signage, website, social media pages, content, customer service and office space.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of how to Brand your products or services
1) Identify and define your target audience (who will you be targeting with your product or service?)

2) Identify your Brand’s message, mission statement, benefits and personality

3) Research your competitor’s Brands and understand how they position themselves

4) Identify your Brand’s colour scheme and voice

5) Design a logo and tagline

6) Create an online presence (website, social media pages) so that your Brand can be found thereby increasing trust

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read” – Leo Burnett

Branding goes hand in hand with Advertising! Once you have created your Brand you need to be able spread the word and convince people of the value of your brand. Your Advertising strategies need to embody, reflect and portray your desired identity – your Brand!

What exactly is Advertising? Advertising is the process of communicating a message to people about a product or service. The purpose of an Advertisement is to create awareness about a product or service and most times to drive either desire and/or purchase.

Advertising can be segmented into three

1) Above the Line: this type of Advertising is characterized as non-targeted with a wide reach for example Social Media, Television, Radio, Magazines and Billboards (Out of Home).

2) Below the Line: this type of Advertising is characterized as targeted with a narrow reach for example Activations, In Store Marketing, Sponsoring Events and Word of Mouth.

3) Through the Line: this type of Advertising is also known as 360 degrees marketing; it takes into consideration both Above the Line and Below the Line for example Digital Marketing.

In other to keep growing the awareness of your Brand, you need to let people know about the Brand – you need to Advertise the Brand. Why?

  • Advertising is important to remind your existing customers that you are still in business


  • Advertising helps the target audience know about the Brands playing in the category and make an informed decision on which one will best meet their needs.


  •  Advertising helps you control the narrative of your Brand; you control what is published about your brand.

“According to a Nielsen survey, 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them”.

You need to be a Brand that Advertises, so consumers can be familiar with you and buy from you!