The Aurora Tech Award is an annual global prize for women founders of tech startups. If you’re a woman founder with a tech startup, regardless of the specific industry, and have a functional prototype or an early version of your product, the Aurora Tech Award is just for you.

Application Criteria for the Aurora Tech Award?

  • Woman founder: The startup must be founded or co-founded and led by a woman entrepreneur
  • Funding stage: The startup should not have received investments exceeding $4 million in funding, including the seed round
  • Operation time: The startup must be no more than 5 years old
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP): The startup should have a functional prototype. If you have only an idea, your application will not be considered

How to Apply for the Aurora Tech Award?

  1. Follow the Aurora Tech Award’s template to showcase your startup. Highlight your achievements, challenges, startup details, and your plan for the prize. You can use the template design or create yours.
  2. Fill out the application form here
  3. Attach your PDF presentation
  4. Submit your application before 1st December and best of luck!

The Award Prizes

First prize- $30,000; Second prize- $20,000; Third prize- $10,000. Other benefits include:

  • Connect with a global community of women tech entrepreneurs
  • Amplify brand visibility with PR support for finalists, attracting new audiences, partners, and investors
  • Get valuable feedback from Venture Capital experts and jury members to improve your startup
  • Receive guidance from inDrive’s C-level executives and industry experts with a finalist mentorship program
  • Expand your network and gain recognition in the startup world

Click here for more information about the award.

Apply for the tech award here on or before December 1, 2023.