The university community could be a huge market depending on the product or service you are offering. Regardless of whether you are a university student or you live within the university community, a business that caters to the needs of university students is bound to thrive.

It is however advisable that you do your research to know which idea will be successful. Also, it is imperative that you check with your university to be sure there are no laws against business activities. Some business ideas to start in a university community include:

Business Centre Service: University students typically work on assignments, projects, reports etc. and would need a place to type, print, photocopy, scan documents, design reports or assignments, project works etc. You could start this business with a computer and a printer and gradually expand.

Sale of Stationaries: Students always need pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks and other stationery items, you could therefore engage in buying and selling of stationaries. This business requires a small capital to start and can be rewarding.

Laundry Service: Everyone likes to look good in clean clothes, but university students are either too busy or too lazy to do their laundry. You could seize the opportunity and offer laundry services for a fee.

Photocopy Centre: If you do not want to start a full business centre, you could offer photocopying services. Almost every day, students make copies of textbooks, class notes, assignments, documents, important information etc. You could tap into this opportunity by starting this business.

Events Decoration Service: If you are great at decorating, the events decoration business may be right for you. With little or no capital, you can start this business in your university. There are quite a number of social functions happening on your campus for which you could provide decoration services and charge for it.

Phones and Laptop Repairs: If you are knowledgeable about phones and laptop repairs and have the required tools, there is nothing holding you back from exploring this business. University students would patronise you especially if you are good, instead of travelling far distances to obtain this service.

Events Planning Service: You could start an events planning business if you are skilled in organising and knowledgeable about bringing key components together for a successful event. You could offer your service in planning events like student parties, award nights, matriculations, convocations etc. and get paid for it.

Graphics Design Service: If you are skilled in graphics designing, you could offer your service in designs of fliers, banners, logos, magazines, etc. for occasions like departmental and faculty elections, campus fellowship programs, whole school event etc. You could also do advert designs for small business owners on campus.

Programming: If you are skilled in programming, you could build a business around your knowledge and offer services to undergraduates in engineering and sciences who often work on building systems, website designs etc. You could offer this service for a fee.

Photography Business: Memories are preserved with photographs and university students like to preserve university memories with pictures. With good photography skills, you could meet this need and render your service at a price.

Academic Tutoring: As a university student, chances are you are particularly good in one or two course topics. You could offer your service in tutoring other students who are having difficulties with these topics or be a freelance tutor for secondary school students.

Hair Styling: Students like to style their hair and maintain good looks. Regardless of whether you are male or female, you could offer hairstyling service for a fee if you are skilled at hairstyling. This business requires little or no capital to start.

Creatives: With quite a lot of social activities on campuses, students with talents for dancing, singing, modelling, comedy etc. could build a business around their talents. You could offer your creative skills as a service and get paid for it.

Make-up Service: If you are very good at make-up services then you could consider making a business of it. There are countless opportunities on campus where you could offer your services and get paid for it.

Venturing into entrepreneurship can be challenging, but can also be rewarding. It is important to venture into entrepreneurship with a positive and determined attitude. This will get you through tough times. Also, ensure you do your research to increase your chances of success.