There are profitable business opportunities available to any smart
investor in Nigeria, and these opportunities can be found both online
and offline. Online business opportunities imply the use of the internet
to create and facilitate such business ventures; on the other hand,
offline business ventures involve providing physical products and
services for clients. Right here, I will be profiling 10 fast growing
business opportunities available for Nigerians.

Tutorial centres

Aspiring to start a tutorial centre is a wonderful idea, as it is a
lucrative business considering the fact that Nigerians are increasingly
getting conscious of the importance of education for their kids. An
educational tutorial centre for JAMB, WAEC, NECO, ICAN and even adult
literacy classes would surely bring in a steady stream of income to the
savvy investor.

Waste Management business

Government has failed woefully to eradicate waste from the
environment and this in itself has presented an opportunity for
inventive individuals with an opportunity to turn waste to wealth by
going from home to home with the sole purpose of evacuating refuse via
waste carts or pickup vans as the case may be, at an agreed fee.

Solar energy solution

Solar business is becoming a buzz in Nigeria considering the fact
that more than 90 million Nigerians are still living without power and
most citizens still rely on costly generators to access electricity. The
solar energy is an alternative renewable energy technology which is off
grid in design and can be installed for clients based on budget. It is
cheaper, cleaner and has a low cost of maintenance. With a small budget
of N90, 000 one can get a 180 Watts solar energy system. The market is
enormous considering the fact that electricity is the livewire of any nation’s economy.

Setting up a private school

It is common to see private schools at every street in Nigeria,
considering the fact that public schools have not really offered the
standard of education required. Most private schools start with creche,
nursery, primary and then the secondary arm. Nigerians desire the best
quality education for their kids and are prepared to spend as much as
they can afford in the education of their children. I have seen schools
move from rented apartments to their permanent sites within the space of
4 years. This in itself is a testament to the lucrative nature of the

Setting up a travel agency

The rate at which Nigerians travel out of the country is mind
boggling. Some months ago, I was at the immigration office in Benin and
was amazed at the number of people waiting to collect their passports.
It was an indication of the state of the nation. Travel agents help to
facilitate passport and visa procurement, hotel bookings in countries of
destination, and tour arrangements for clients, at agreed fees.

Recruitment Agency

With the high unemployment rate in Nigeria climbing to more than 40
million of our 180 million population figures, the need for jobs in
Nigeria has become very dire. In big cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port
Harcourt, Ibadan, Benin, Onitsha, and Aba, there are hundreds of
recruitment agencies who help to secure jobs for job hunters at set
fees. Most of the job recruitments usually take place online and
applicants are expected to register with these agencies.

Transportation business

Transportation business is another huge money spinner. There are
serious demands for these services daily by clients who travel regularly
to buy goods and make business appointments with suppliers and other
customers. These transporters also run what I call charter services.
Clients make special arrangements with them to be picked up daily. These
transporters can register their vehicles with well-known transportation
companies to enhance their patronage. Some transporters have built
their own houses and sponsored their kids through the university via
this lucrative business.

Sports betting centre

These are silent money making machines, especially among youths who
are sports betting fanatics. There are so many sports betting companies
available in Nigeria today – Nairabet, Merrybet, Surebet247, Lionsbet
and Baba Ijebu. These bookies even provide agents with free banners and
equipment to help them market their betting services. Most sports
betting centres supplement their earnings by using the free space
available as football viewing centres.

Pharmacy/ Chemist store

2 weeks back, I visited a local pharmaceutical store close in the
neighbourhood, and was surprised to see over 8 persons waiting to be
attended to. It was a sight that gave me an insight to the profitable
nature of the business. The shop owner who is an Igbo man is not a
doctor, but a trained nurse and he runs the business with his wife who
is also a trained nurse. They have since completed their one storey
apartment and are living comfortably. To be successful in this business,
ensure that you stay away from selling fake drugs and be well trained
before setting up a chemist shop.

Drinking spot

Nigeria ranks among the highest consumers of liquor in the world with
drinking bars and parlours located at every nook and cranny in the
country. Despite the usual complaint of economic crunch nationwide, one
would still see night crawlers at these joints drinking with friends and
colleagues. To spice up the business, the owners arrange for suya spots
around the drinking bars.