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Michael Onuorah

My name is Michael Onuorah. I am first and foremost a teacher, problem solver and a servant leader. I want to honestly state that what drives me in life is helping people to start their journey to self-discovery. I believe that is my primary purpose. My secondary purpose is to be a teacher that demystifies various areas of learning ranging from Database Administration, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Business Administration, Marketing, Logic and Problem Solving. And My tertiary purpose is to be a problem solver. I want to teach people how to solve problems relating to what we encounter every day.

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Strategic Thinking 101
Financial Management Demystified
The Time Value of Money
The Accounting Equation Demystified Lesson III
The Accounting Equation Demystified Lesson II
The Accounting Equation Demystified
Creating Wealth: Lesson One Addendum
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