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Chris Emoghene

Chris Emoghene has thirteen years banking experience across public sector, commercial and retail banking. He is skilled in Business Development, Loan Structuring and Monitoring, Negotiation, Budgeting, Analytical Skills, Risk Management, Customer Service, and Relationship Management. He is an open-minded and an energetic person who is always willing to learn and take up new challenges. He is a member of the Financial Inclusion State Steering Committee (FISSCO) that was inaugurated on January 11, 2018. Chris has special interests in writing and entrepreneurship.

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One of my granddad's many sobriquets is "efeghenesa", which is loosely translated as "rich despite debts". When called, his response would be "it makes me richer than you".
Is loan good or bad?
Importance of Data to Small Businesses
Importance of Data to Small Businesses
Beyond the bottom line
Budgeting For Sustainable Growth In The MSME Space.
Gaining Customers Trust: A Necessity For Business Success.
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